Healthcare Foodservice

Long-term care, hospitals, and other institutional healthcare programs have a set of unique needs, and Gordon Food Service has the healthcare food products and services to address each unique challenge. Backed by a track record of dependable delivery, Gordon Food Service provides consistent and reliable products for special dietary needs, chemical cleaning, and laundry operations. Gordon Food Service is dedicated to delivering excellence and reliability that you’re looking for so that you can focus on what matters most: your business, your patients, and your residents.

My name is Chef Larry Warren, the Food & Beverage Director & Executive Chef at The Pearl Of Jamestown-Phoenix Senior Living. I must say [with Gordon Food Service] I am very impressed. They have it all covered! Their products are the BEST with a vast array of choice; and if they don’t have it, they present a “we will get it for you” attitude.

What really made my life easier is the Cycle Menu Management software. For a chef, this software has all your paperwork in one place! Menu, cost, product, recipe, order guide, nutrition guide- it’s all there. The CMM software will replace whatever else you are using, and it is also user-friendly. I could go on about the software for hours!

It cut my time in the office to two hours compared to 8 hours previously. It’s that good! I would like to thank Gordon Food Service for being there for me and making my life easier. ~ Larry Warren

Healthcare Resources and Solutions

By working collaboratively with your operation, we can provide you with a suite of resources and solutions which can help your healthcare meal program grow - from advising on how to stay in compliance with industry regulations, to controlling your food service costs, to growing your business.

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Boost your profitability by comparing food costs to menu prices with Recipe Manager. Instantly analyze recipe costs by portion, yield, or selling price.

Control food costs, meet nutrition requirements, and increase food service satisfaction by using this easy-to-use software program to manage recipes and cycle menus.

Having easy access to your purchase history will help you make strategic purchase decisions in order to manage food costs and save time.

We make managing inventory simpler and smoother, so that you can ensure you avoid hidden food costs that impede your cash flow, such as waste, spoilage, theft, and overstocking.